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Guiding You to international diversification

Benefits of Offshore Banking

Working with a Swiss Wealth Manager, you will profit from:

True International Wealth Diversification
International investments are extremely helpful in geographically diversify your wealth. How can you gain access and expertise in these other markets? In most cases not through a US broker. Sure, a few boutique firms specialize in international shares, but to experience the  full richness of international markets, an offshore bank account and an  independent asset manager based in another geographical region is a huge benefit.

Protection against a sinking Domestic Currency
Over the past decades, the value of the US dollar has declined significantly. The question therefore has to be; how can you protect yourself from the loss in value of your investments? There is an easy, safe, and conservative way – purchasing shares and bonds denominated in foreign  currencies such as the ever-strong Swiss franc.

An added Layer of Asset Protection
Many Americans rely on domestic laws and instruments to protect their wealth from frivolous lawsuits. However, there are considerable variations between states, and some states provide little or no protection. In contrast, asset protection laws in countries such as Switzerland are usually enforced without local variations. The bottom line: When someone wants to sue you and discovers that your assets are offshore, they will often pursue an easier target. It is also possible to include an offshore bank account in pre-existing asset protection structures like trusts or LLCs.

Enhanced Privacy
Your wealth, spending habits and almost every other detail of your financial life is under scrutiny in the US. The US is one of the few nations where it is legal for banks and other financial services to disclose information about your accounts without your permission and without probable cause of wrongdoing. However, the army of information brokers, which advertise their ability to uncover assets, will not be able to pry information out of an offshore bank account.  

Access to European Private Banks
If you are a US connected person you will probably have some difficulties in finding a private bank that will work directly with you. However, if you go to them through an SEC registered investment advisor they can work with you because they know you are working with a company that knows the rules and regulations when it comes to US persons.
Additionally, independent asset managers often have lower minimum investment sizes than if you were to go to the bank directly. Private banks do not usually onboard clients below US$ 1,000,000 but if you work with an independent asset managers, you can get started with US$ 250,000.
Lastly, independent asset managers tend to receive a more favorable pricing at the bank because they have significant assets there compared to if you, as a single client, would be talking to the bank directly.

Working with WHVP, you will profit from:

Extensive Experience and Specialization on Americans
We have been working exclusively with US clients for over 30 years. With our experience and expertise, we are uniquely qualified to guide you through the sphere of offshore banking. The importance of our familiarity with US clients is that we are already sensitive to the needs and concerns of Americans. We understand your motivations to globalize assets, we speak your language and are familiar with your culture.

Personalized Service and long-lasting Relationships
We emphasis the human relationship. For us you are not just a number on a case file. We consider your whole personal and financial situation when working with you. We always enjoy getting to know people from different walks of life and other regions of the world. Exchanging viewpoints and ideas with our clients is the highlight of our job and we consider many of our clients friends.

Independence with Zero Conflicts of Interests
We do not accept any financial incentives for any financial product or investment recommendation. We always put the client’s best interests ahead of our own, regardless of all other circumstances. If there ever are any possible conflicts of interest we will disclose them to our clients and act in an ethical manner in all of our business dealings.

Flexibility and an Entrepreneurial Mindset
We are entrepreneurs and fully understand your desire for pragmatic solutions and little bureaucracy. We focus on solutions and have a strong desire to solve any problems you might have on your journey to international diversification. Since we are a boutique firm we have a short chain of commands and a lot of flexibility when it comes to solving problems.

A Young, Driven and Passionate Team
While having extensive knowledge and experience in the cross-border business, we are still young professionals eager to continuously learn more and improve our services. We are passionate in what we do and innovative when it comes to finding solutions for our clients. Despite being physically separated by an ocean we make sure to regularly provide insightful and timely content for you thorough our various online channels.