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Combining Investments, Industry News and a Swiss Perspective

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How Long Can This House Of Cards Last? What Can We Do? Thumbnail

How Long Can This House Of Cards Last? What Can We Do?

We spoke to "Miller on the Money" on the role of central banks, the valuation of the US dollar and how diversification can reduce your portfolio risk. After the financial crisis, enormous amounts of money were magically created by central banks while interest rates hit historical lows. Since this strategy helped prevent the financial system from collapsing, the central banks continued on; particularly when reacting to the consequences of the coronavirus.

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 5 Myths about Offshore Asset Management Thumbnail

5 Myths about Offshore Asset Management

By using an asset manager outside your own country, you gain a practical degree of financial privacy and asset protection. Since lawyers size up targets for lawsuits by looking for their money, someone considering suing you may decide to find a target with more visible wealth. In addition, a portfolio manager outside your domestic jurisdiction is likely to target different investments than a domestic manager would, leading to a greater investment diversification, and thus greater resiliency in your overall portfolio.

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