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Combining Investments, Industry News and a Swiss Perspective

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 Working with an Offshore Registered Investment Advisor Thumbnail

Working with an Offshore Registered Investment Advisor

When selecting a financial advisor there are many options an individual can choose from, whether they be an asset management branch of a bank, a private investor, a family office, or an independent investment advisor both domestic or offshore. Since we are based offshore we have already written extensively on why one might choose an offshore jurisdiction for financial services (Switzerland: Safe Haven during Crisis) and also how to choose a financial advisor (How to choose an External Asset Manager for U.S. Citizens). Both of those topics are important and worth spending some time thinking about. However, today we want to delve into what the benefits are of working with an independent registered investment advisor versus being served by the asset management branch of a larger bank.

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The Swiss View: The Inconsistent Strength of the USD Thumbnail

The Swiss View: The Inconsistent Strength of the USD

This year, making the right investment decisions has been quite challenging. Markets are down double digits year-to-date. The game was therefore not about gaining the most but about losing less than everybody else. Investors are unsure about how to position their portfolios. While some say that this is the beginning of a bear market, others state that the current weakness in the markets is a buying opportunity. We believe that the current downward movement will not be reversed until there is a mutual effort to change something about the current situation. Accordingly, from our perspective counter-movements represent opportunities to get out at a better price instead of giving confidence that the markets go up further. However, there are always exceptions where it makes sense to stay invested or even take in new investments.

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Asset Allocation Thumbnail

Asset Allocation

This article will help your clients and prospects understand the basics of asset allocation, and how their portfolio balances risk and potential returns. Each asset class has its own set of risks and rewards, depending on your time horizon, risk tolerance, and financial goals. The asset allocation strategy you select will allow you and your financial advisor to create a framework that will be able to manage the level of risk your portfolio will hold based on the asset class. You and your financial advisor may make adjustments to your portfolio over the years as your needs change, however, having a selected strategy will help to keep the portfolio balanced and not stray from a healthy level of risk.

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Risk Management: Understanding Diversification Thumbnail

Risk Management: Understanding Diversification

When you created your investment strategy, your asset allocation reflected your goals, time horizon and tolerance for risk. Over time, however, any of these three factors may have changed, and your portfolio may need adjustments to reflect your new investing priorities. Understanding diversification is the first step in building a strong portfolio. Are you ready to weather the storm?

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Do You Have These 5 Financial Investment Basics Down? Thumbnail

Do You Have These 5 Financial Investment Basics Down?

Test your own financial knowledge by reviewing these 5 must-know investment basics. Working with a trusted financial professional is important when it comes to strategizing and preparing to meet your financial goals. As most of us handle money on a daily basis, it’s important to have an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of financial literacy, especially when it comes to investing. In our blog post we’ve identified five financial basics everyone should know. Understanding these important concepts can serve as a basis for your financial investment standings.

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Building A Wealth Worthy Portfolio Thumbnail

Building A Wealth Worthy Portfolio

You may be tempted to panic or sell when the stock market is down. However, with a wise strategy you may want to reconsider saying the course. Here's why. Billionaire and real estate magnate Warren Buffet told CNBC in 2016 that buying or selling in a rush may not be the best strategy. “If [worried investors are] trying to buy and sell stocks, and worry when they go down a little bit … and think they should maybe sell them when they go up, they're not going to have very good results." Such a panic move could unbalance your portfolio where you are either taking on more or less risk than you should.

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Understanding the "Money Illusion" Thumbnail

Understanding the "Money Illusion"

The “money illusion” refers to how we view our buying power today versus in the future. Are you falling victim to this potentially dangerous ideology? The “money illusion” refers to how we view our buying power today versus in the future. Are you falling victim to this potentially dangerous ideology? It’s no surprise that a dollar today isn’t worth the same as a dollar was 20 years ago. This is the result of inflation. Inflation plays a major role in financial planning, whether you are conscious of it or not.

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How Long Can This House Of Cards Last? What Can We Do? Thumbnail

How Long Can This House Of Cards Last? What Can We Do?

We spoke to "Miller on the Money" on the role of central banks, the valuation of the US dollar and how diversification can reduce your portfolio risk. After the financial crisis, enormous amounts of money were magically created by central banks while interest rates hit historical lows. Since this strategy helped prevent the financial system from collapsing, the central banks continued on; particularly when reacting to the consequences of the coronavirus.

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 5 Myths about Offshore Asset Management Thumbnail

5 Myths about Offshore Asset Management

By using an asset manager outside your own country, you gain a practical degree of financial privacy and asset protection. Since lawyers size up targets for lawsuits by looking for their money, someone considering suing you may decide to find a target with more visible wealth. In addition, a portfolio manager outside your domestic jurisdiction is likely to target different investments than a domestic manager would, leading to a greater investment diversification, and thus greater resiliency in your overall portfolio.

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