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Combining Investments, Industry News and a Swiss Perspective

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The Swiss View: Land in Sight... Thumbnail

The Swiss View: Land in Sight...

As mentioned above, we believe that European markets should be favored over US markets. While the MSCI US stands around 50% above its long-time average, the MSCI Europe is 15% above its long-time average. In our perspective, this development is not a short-term play but has the potential for a sustainable change. The biggest risks we see for the American market are the various expensive programs that might result in higher taxes for companies and maybe even wealthy Americans. Furthermore, the tech companies were the main contributor to the US markets in the last decade. The Biden administration however might bring on regulatory requirements that have the potential to lower the gains. Not only the US government has a problem with the market power of these companies but the European regulators too. On the other hand, due to the lower expectations in Europe, the possibility to surprise positively is higher than in America where the expectations are already very high.

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How Long Can This House Of Cards Last? What Can We Do? Thumbnail

How Long Can This House Of Cards Last? What Can We Do?

We spoke to "Miller on the Money" on the role of central banks, the valuation of the US dollar and how diversification can reduce your portfolio risk. After the financial crisis, enormous amounts of money were magically created by central banks while interest rates hit historical lows. Since this strategy helped prevent the financial system from collapsing, the central banks continued on; particularly when reacting to the consequences of the coronavirus.

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Who is scared of Inflation? Thumbnail

Who is scared of Inflation?

Central banks have a problem. No matter what they do, investors are not satisfied… This is at least the idea you get when reading the central bank’s publications and the reactions at the stock markets. However, maybe this statement reveals a deeper laying issue. When thinking about the central bank’s functions you will find a variety of duties but nowhere will you find their raison d’etre as pleasing investors. Looking back at the last decade, this fact can easily be forgotten. Printing endless money and keeping up purchasing programs did please investors. But not necessarily the general public.

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Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) Thumbnail

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a U.S. law that took effect in 2010. It requires foreign financial institutions (like Swiss banks) to report U.S. connected people (e.g. passport holders and green card holders, even if they are residing outside the U.S.) to the U.S. Department of Treasury.

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How to Benefit from Offshore Bank Accounts at Bosco Conference Thumbnail

How to Benefit from Offshore Bank Accounts at Bosco Conference

Jamie Vrijhof-Droese, a Managing Partner at WHVP Ltd., spoke about how U.S. citizens can profit from offshore bank accounts. According to the speaker, Switzerland is the no. 2 financial center in Europe. In the world, Zurich is no. 10 and Geneva is no. 14. Jamie also talked about the benefits of offshore bank accounts and the benefits of working with registered investment advisors who are based offshore.

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Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies and the Blockchain Thumbnail

Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies and the Blockchain

Today's guest is a very longtime friend of WHVP. Jeff Opdyke is an author at International Living and I'm very excited for today's conversation because we will not only touch upon Jeff's position as an author, but we will also talk about his passion, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain. He's extremely knowledgeable in this area and I can't wait to hear everything that he has to share about those topics.

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Everyone is meant to be rich!? Thumbnail

Everyone is meant to be rich!?

We see the rally at the stock markets continuing on. Despite the warnings of many economists and experienced investors, markets continue to rise further. Big tech companies that seem to lure people away from reasonable evaluation models lead the rally, just as we saw in 2000. To make matters worse, we see many young and inexperienced retail traders being swiped up in the frenzy, leading to events like the spike in companies like GameStop, AMC, and Blackberry. On top of that, we see ridiculous volatility in penny stocks and cryptocurrencies by people on the hunt for quick money. It looks like everybody is meant to be rich.

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#SilverSqueeze: What’s Happening With Silver in the Market? Thumbnail

#SilverSqueeze: What’s Happening With Silver in the Market?

During the last week of January, investors on social media platform Reddit appeared to have created a short sale opportunity with GameStop, AMC and other shorted stocks. Now, it appears that something similar may be happening to silver - an effect many on Twitter are referring to as the #SilverSqueeze. If the “get rich quick” appeal of last week’s GameStop stock showdown has you wondering if you should be invested in another trending topic like silver, we’ve gathered some food for thought below.

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