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Asset management service


Our asset management service is our most sought after offering. You profit not only from all the main advantages of having an account offshore, you will also be able to individualize the strategy and choose your custodian bank.

It  is possible to switch the service level at any time, if you meet the  minimum investment sizes of the other offerings. This means you can increase your portfolio size after some time and switch to our concierge level service.

You  can choose this service for a personal account, but we can also open the portfolio for a structure (e.g. trust or LLC) or an individual  retirement account (IRA).

This service includes:

  • Setting-up your private bank account in the jurisdiction of your choice (Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Austria)
  • A personal relationship manager at WHVP
  • Putting together a tailor-made portfolio taking into consideration your personal circumstances, age, time frame, available capital, investment needs, risk appetite and preferences
  • A yearly tax statement for your US taxes
  • A quarterly call to discuss your portfolio and its performance
  • A quarterly market outlook from WHVP
  • A quarterly bank statement
  • An online access to your portfolio


  • Account Minimum: US$ 500,000
  • Management Fee: 1.5% per year up to $5 million (minimum of CHF 8000 per annum) 
  • Bank Fee: Depending on your choice of custodian