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Guiding You to international diversification

Investment Philosophy

Our knowledge and insight into the stock market enables us to build a unique investment portfolio which offers a counter balance to the portfolios you already hold at home. In order to make sure that you can fully benefit from international diversification, we exclude the US dollar and US stock market from the portfolios we build.

While we do offer various strategies depending on your risk profile, we believe that focusing on capital preservation and maximum safety should be the investment priorities.

We focus on four main asset classes, stocks, bonds, precious metals and foreign currencies. Through ongoing collaboration and monitoring, our team is able to discover new avenues for you to invest your wealth and accomplish your goals. In addition to managing your investments, we will educate you on the rationale behind each investment decision so you’re well-versed in the logic of our approach. We focus on providing expertise in Swiss, European, Canadian and Far East markets.

Our connections with Zurich’s banking world gives us access to the best research and trading opportunities in our home markets.