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Self-directed individual retirement accounts

Moving Your Retirement Money Offshore

The past thirty years have clearly demonstrated the need for an international perspective in managing your portfolio. In the past, this global outlook primarily focused on non-retirement assets with limited products available for retirement assets.

As a result, your retirement funds, your future, was neglected in the globalization equation. We at WHVP are proud to tell you that, with our assistance, your retirement assets can access global markets and a  variety of international opportunities.

With our experience and expertise, we are uniquely qualified to guide you in these uncertain times. The importance of our familiarity with Americans is that we are already sensitive to the needs and concerns of  Americans. We already understand your motivations to globalize retirement assets and can help you to structure a portfolio, which will be insulated against US dollar depreciation, yet capitalize on overseas investment opportunities.

We can help you internationalize your IRA portfolio by placing your IRA assets with a solid European private bank and then providing you with Swiss asset management. All of this is done with an understanding of IRS IRA regulations and in conjunction with a US approved IRA trustee/custodian.

All three of our service levels are available for self-directed IRAs as well.