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Cultivating WHVP's Company Culture  Thumbnail

Cultivating WHVP's Company Culture

At WHVP, we have created a culture and atmosphere that eliminates any potential negative feelings you have about offshore banking by showing you that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Our Goal

When you connect with us, we want you to feel a sense of connection and confidence because the minute you reach out to us, you are already on the fast track to living a more carefree and secure life. Establishing trust is something that takes transparency, time, and effort. We believe this starts with how we handle each other as a team and work together. There are successes and challenges that take place during the work day. We strive to remain solution-oriented and transparent as a team to be more cohesive and efficient in solving challenges. In the end, this allows us to live these values with each other, making it second nature in how we build trust with our clients because it is how we are as a company. 

Achieving It

We have worked hard to build the culture we have today, and we make sure that every new member who joins us is aligned with our values, priorities, and vision while simultaneously fostering and celebrating diversity. Culture is not something we take lightly, as we know that the only way our clients will be truly happy working with us is if every team member is passionate about what they do, eager to help, and willing to go the extra mile. Therefore, we put the client experience at the center of everything we do and live up to the high expectations people have regarding banking in Switzerland.

Having Fun Together

Building a team that is authentic and passionate takes time and shared experiences. So each year, we plan a team day to get out of the office together to have some fun and experience something new. We all got up early on Friday, packed into a car, and headed off for some adventure together. We made our way from Zurich to the beautiful area of Gruyère, famous for its cheese. After navigating the morning traffic, the team arrived at our destination to go canyoning. After the team got in their wetsuits and safety gear, we headed into the canyon with our guide. The three-hour excursion was full of laughter, overcoming challenges, and enjoying the beautiful area. The day was full of traversing the river, zip lining, and cliff jumping. The experience was filled with bliss and adrenalin, ending with all the team members smiling ear to ear. 

Reflecting on the experience provided some valuable lessons to us as a team. One that stood out was having to jump into a churning pool as water cascaded into it. Despite being daunting, our guide's instructions helped each team member overcome the fear of taking the leap and navigating what comes next as the river rushes one out. Needless to say, we all jumped and successfully navigated through the circumstances. Without the guide's directions and help, it would have been a real challenge as no team member had experienced such a situation before. However, because we had a professional guide who had helped countless others through the same obstacle, there was calm throughout the experience. It was an exciting reminder about how we help Americans navigate opening offshore investment accounts to meet their goals. Although it took a lot to jump into the churning waters, each team member had peace of mind doing it because of our guide's expertise. Just as our guide loves leading people through nature and is passionate about it, we, too, love what we do and are passionate about the financial world.

Our hope is to share our company culture in everything we do with our clients. Just as our Canyoning guide gave us peace of mind to navigate the river, we strive to offer you peace of mind and the knowledge that your money is in good and experienced hands.

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