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Guiding Your clients to international diversification

Working with WHVP as a Professional

As a legal or financial professional working with U.S. clients, you may encounter your clients seeking to globalize their wealth for purposes of diversification or asset safeguarding. WHVP offers tailored services in this realm and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with you, enhancing your range of offerings to encompass Swiss offshore banking solutions for your clientele.

Offshore wealth management presents a strategic avenue for mitigating risks such as USD devaluation, litigation exposure, and inadequate privacy safeguards, while concurrently exploiting international investment prospects often absent within U.S. borders.

To safeguard your clients' assets effectively, we typically advocate reallocating 20% to 30% of their investable wealth to a secure offshore haven. Although our services commence for portfolios valued at $500,000, they prove particularly beneficial and economically viable for high-net-worth individuals.

How We Work With You

We facilitate connections between business professionals and their clients with our partner banks. We guide the clients through the account opening process, once their accounts are established and funded, we collaborate with them to develop customized portfolios tailored to their needs. In addition to personal accounts, we also open overseas bank accounts for self-directed IRAs, offshore and U.S. trusts, as well as LLCs.

Our investment strategy intentionally excludes exposure to the U.S. market and U.S. dollar-denominated investments, prioritizing genuine diversification. We aim to shield against U.S. dollar depreciation while maximizing opportunities in international markets through direct investments in equities, bonds, currencies, and precious metals.

Central to our partnership is trust, reliability, and ongoing communication. We consider each client's unique circumstances, age, investment horizon, available capital, and preferences. As a boutique firm, we offer long-term relationships, ensuring you and your clients receive consistent support and guidance.

Who We Are

As a family-owned wealth management firm with 30+ years of experience, we specialize in assisting professionals in expanding their service offerings to better cater to their clients' needs. We are proud to be among the select few investment advisors in Switzerland licensed by the SEC. Our recognition as the "Best Offering for U.S. Clients" in 2021 underscores our dedication to excellence. With dual licenses, and strategic partnerships with prestigious local private banks, we're well-equipped to collaborate with you in providing top-notch services for your U.S. clientele.

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