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Guiding You to international diversification

Our Client Satisfaction Promise

At WHVP, we understand the dedication it takes to accumulate wealth. Our commitment is to help you keep the money you worked hard for, ensuring your financial success endures. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring the highest level of satisfaction for our clients. Our service quality promise is built on transparency, personalized attention, and the safeguarding of your financial interests. Here is what you can expect from our service:

Flexibility: No lock-in periods or closing fees, allowing you to manage your assets freely.

Transparent, All-Inclusive Fees: We maintain transparency with no hidden costs, operating with integrity and adhering to the fiduciary standard.

Account Independence: Your account remains separate from WHVP, with no co-mingling of assets between clients.

Tax-Efficient Portfolios: While not tax experts, we optimize portfolios within tax efficiency bounds.

Long-Term Relationships: A dedicated contact person at WHVP for building trust-based, long-term relationships.

Early Beneficiary Involvement: Include beneficiaries from the start for aligned wealth management strategies.

Reputable Private Banks: Partnered with hand-selected private banks for diverse and secure portfolios.

Regulatory Protection: Swiss or Liechtenstein regulations protect your bank account, with SEC registration and Swiss Financial Market Authority licensing for regulatory compliance.

Expert Network Access: Let us connect you with CPAs, tax attorneys, and asset protection attorneys for comprehensive assistance.

Entrepreneur-Focused Wealth Preservation: Our goal is to alleviate anxiety about safeguarding your hard-earned wealth.