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Press Coverage

Miller on the Money: The Global Outlook for 2023 Thumbnail

Miller on the Money: The Global Outlook for 2023

January is the time to look ahead to the year. Sadly, way too much depends on the Federal Reserve and world central banks. Michael Howell writes: “It has been a bleak year for many investors. Global investors have lost $23tn of wealth…so far in 2022. …. That is equivalent to 22 percent of global gross domestic product” When bureaucrats create money out of thin air, they create a mess. Alasdair Macleod tells us: “Monetary policymakers face an acute dilemma: do they prioritize inflation of prices by raising interest rates, or do they lean towards yet more monetary stimulation to ensure that financial markets stabilize, their economies do not suffer a recession, and government finances are not driven into crisis? …. The inconvenient truth is that policies of monetary stimulation invariably end with the impoverishment of everyone.”

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MONEY WALK: Portfolio Diversification Thumbnail

MONEY WALK: Portfolio Diversification

Jamie Vrijhof-Droese is one of four female financial experts, that are walking regularly from Zurich's main train station along Bahnhofstrasse to Paradeplatz and talking about financial topics for "advanced learners". Without a script, only with a handful of leading questions on the topic, and above all without cuts (one-take!). In these about 20 minutes, we talk for example about diversification and much more.

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Die digitale Kommunikation als Chance  Thumbnail

Die digitale Kommunikation als Chance

Jamie Vrijhof-Droese has a new column in SPHERE, Swiss Financial Media. From now on, she will share her opinion on current topics in the Swiss External Asset Management industry on a quarterly basis. In her first column, she advocates for open digital communication with clients and discusses the tremendous opportunities new digital channels offer. The full magazine (in German) can be found here, and Jamie's column can be found on page 24 of the magazine (also in German).

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Monitoring The Management Thumbnail

Monitoring The Management

Our Managing Partner Urs Vrijhof-Droese was asked by Citywire Switzerland about his thoughts concerning the governance of companies concerning ESG criteria. He sheds light on what he, as an investor, looks at when it comes to governance and how the current economic turbulence will highlight how companies govern themselves.

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 Women’s wealth: Why WMs are missing out on a key demographic Thumbnail

Women’s wealth: Why WMs are missing out on a key demographic

Women are controlling more assets than ever before, but wealth managers are still missing out on this key demographic, according to WHVP managing partner Jamie Vrijhof-Droese. They currently control 32% of the world’s wealth, according to a 2020 BCG study and are adding $5tn to the wealth pool globally every year. This share is likely to increase significantly in the coming years, the report said.

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Was sind die Ansprüche der Kunden von Morgen? Thumbnail

Was sind die Ansprüche der Kunden von Morgen?

Willkommen zur dritten Folge 3 von Capsule. Désirée Dosch, Alvicus AG und Jamie Vrijhof-Droese von WHVP Ltd. diskutieren die Frage: «Was sind die Ansprüche der Kunden von Morgen ?» Moderiert wird Capsule von Andreas Schaffner.

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Swiss House Marks Three Decades Serving US Clients Thumbnail

Swiss House Marks Three Decades Serving US Clients

WHVP, based in Zurich, has chalked up 30 years of serving US clients. This area of business has been through turbulent times, and at times US expats have struggled to obtain access to foreign financial and fund management services.

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