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Jess Roberson Promoted to Junior Relationship Manager Thumbnail

Jess Roberson Promoted to Junior Relationship Manager

At WHVP, we take immense pride in recognizing the contributions and growth of our team members. It is therefore with great pleasure that we announce Jess Roberson's promotion to the role of Junior Relationship Manager, effective January 1, 2024.

Jess's journey within WHVP began as a Summer Intern back in 2021, where his proficiency in office administration, marketing strategy, and investment research became quickly apparent. However, Jess's standout attribute lies in his commitment to understanding and addressing the nuanced needs of our clients.

In the past two and a half years, in his role as an Executive Assistant, Jess has become an integral support to our Managing Partners in managing client portfolios. He showed dedicated efforts and an eagerness to delve deep into our industry. His ability to blend astute investment insights with a client-centric approach has led to commendable outcomes and strengthened relationships.

Moving forward, Jess will be taking an active role within our investment committee, bringing his insights and dedication to the table. His Bachelor of Science in Finance with a Minor in International Business from Southern New Hampshire University coupled with his practical understanding of investments, and a client-focused approach, will undoubtedly add value to our decision-making processes.

Moreover, as of 2024, Jess will embark on building his own client base, leveraging his comprehensive understanding of our industry and his exceptional client relations skills. This step marks a significant milestone in Jess's career trajectory, and we are confident that his commitment to delivering exceptional service will set new benchmarks in client satisfaction.

Jess's work ethic is exceptional, placing utmost emphasis on ensuring our clients receive unparalleled service. His unwavering focus on delivering excellence has garnered praise and recognition from both peers and clients.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jess brings a wealth of diverse experiences, having previously contributed significantly as a community development coordinator and facilities manager for an international NGO in the South Pacific Region.

Furthermore, Jess's passion for rugby, representing the Swiss national team, speaks volumes about his dedication, teamwork, and determination - qualities that seamlessly translate into his professional endeavors.

As we mark this milestone in Jess's career, we acknowledge his outstanding client work, depth of knowledge in our field, and his steadfast commitment to our clients' success. Jess embodies the values we hold dear at WHVP, and his progression to Junior Relationship Manager is a reflection of his exceptional journey within our team.

Join us in extending heartfelt congratulations to Jess Roberson on this well-deserved promotion, and in wishing him continued success in this new role!