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Meet our Newest Team Member: Jess Roberson Thumbnail

Meet our Newest Team Member: Jess Roberson


I grew up in Black Forest, Colorado running wild through the forest as a young boy. I had four siblings that all enjoyed competition (especially team sports) and recreation of all kinds. The home I grew up in held a strong drive to compete in sports. The life sentiment taught to us was to constantly look to improve the lives of those we come into contact with. After a year away from home spent working and furthering my education, I worked with an international NGO working in Central American and the South Pacific. I worked as facility maintenance and grounds manager while working with local sports unions and schools, teaching sports education and tutoring students in math and language studies. At the age of 23, I met my Swiss bride-to-be while working in the South Pacific, and this eventually landed me in Switzerland. 

Upon moving to Switzerland, I started studying the German—and Swiss German—language as well as restarting my journey in higher education. I am currently finishing a Bachelor of Science with a major in finance and a minor in international business and will finish in October of 2021. I have recently completed an internship at WHVP focusing on marketing/social media strategy, back-office administration, and investment research. In my previous work experience, I was able to gain valuable experience in working with clients and communities for nearly ten years. Throughout my early twenties, I also played at a high level of rugby, competing in international club-level sevens tournaments as a contract player.


I will have three roles in my new position - Executive Assistant - here at WHVP; administration, research, communication, and social media, the last two being combined.

In my administration role, I will support management in all administrative tasks in day-to-day business (account openings, customer correspondence, trades, transfers etc.). I will be a part of looking after and managing interested parties seeking to work with WHVP as their asset managers and welcome guests and customers personally or by phone. I will also be looking after the calendar events, conferences, conference calls, and arranging travel for the management team. My financial research activities will support the investments' monthly reporting of the Swiss Strategy Portfolio and the support of the CIO regarding research and investment proposals as well as portfolio management. When it comes to social media and communication responsibility, my role will be looking after the various social media handles that WHVP communicates through. These responsibilities include the production of the WHVP podcast, support with webinars, events, presentations, compliance support, and anti-money laundering tasks.


I discovered my love for investments and finance while in my first two years of university. I saw the beauty in the markets and saw that it was a source that could be tapped for helping others achieve their financial goals and provide for themselves as well as their offspring. The love for finance is spurred by my upbringing in the rocky mountain air, where I was taught to expand my existence in an effort to improve the lives of others. So when I took my first finance class, I saw a path to helping others improve their lives on a generational level. I quickly changed my major and have been like a horse turned homeward after a long workday. Since this decision, I have been looking for companies that have similar values and motivation for what they were doing as I did; that is when I found WHVP.

After getting an internship at WHVP, I quickly found out the company's dedication, values, and motivation were not merely on their website but in their DNA as a company. It was undoubtedly a place that seemed to have the same heart for improving people's lives through finance that I have been motivated by throughout my studies. When I got the opportunity to continue working at WHVP, I was overjoyed and, at the same time, was daunted by the reality that now I was in a place that put my motivations into reality; it was an intense and sobering excitement to experience. WHVP is a place that takes every client with joy, and their hearts pump to provide solutions, ensure security, and add value to people's lives through offshore financial services to those looking for a helping hand. 


If you would like to contact me personally, please do not hesitate to reach out to me: 



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