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Why do we Work in Wealth Management? Thumbnail

Why do we Work in Wealth Management?

In this blog post, we aim to provide insight into the motivations and passions driving our team members to pursue careers in wealth management. As a diverse group of individuals, each with unique backgrounds and experiences, we collectively share a deep-rooted desire to make a meaningful impact on the lives of our clients. Whether it's the satisfaction of helping families secure their financial futures, the thrill of navigating the complexities of the market, or the joy of building long-lasting relationships, each of us has a story to tell about why we do what we do. Through this post, we hope to shed light on the personal journeys and professional aspirations that inspire us to excel in this dynamic and rewarding field.

Julia Fernandez, Managing Partner

At WHVP since 2002

At the age of 15, I was uncertain about my career path. The finance sector appeared to be an attractive option, so I began working at a universal bank. After three years, I transitioned to a private bank in Zurich, where I had the opportunity to explore various departments and gain insight into my interests within the financial sector. Moving from the private client department to the team managing independent asset managers, I thrived in a dynamic environment. After two years, I made the decision to leave the banking industry and join an independent asset management firm. What I cherish about this role is the personalized approach to client service, where every client, regardless of their asset size, is treated with the utmost care. I find great satisfaction in analyzing markets, making investments, and nurturing the growth of my clients' assets.

Jamie Vrijhof-Droese, Managing Partner

At WHVP since 2017

My journey into wealth management was not only a natural progression but also a personal one. Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by the world of finance. My parents started WHVP before I was born and our household conversations often revolved around economics, investment strategies, and the stock markets. I vividly remember completing my homework in the office, accompanying my dad to banks, and engaging in discussions about inflation and interest rate deicsions at the dinner table. This early exposure sparked my curiosity and passion for finance, leading me to pursue a career in wealth management.

When I began working in the field, I realized that finances are not just about numbers; they are a reflection of people's values, aspirations, and life paths. As a wealth manager, I have the privilege of delving into the financial intricacies of my clients' lives, understanding their unique circumstances, and helping them achieve their financial goals. More importantly, it has allowed me to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with my clients. I've learned that trust, communication, and empathy are essential elements in this profession. By truly understanding my clients' needs and aspirations, I can provide them with personalized financial solutions that align with their values and goals.

Urs Vrijhof-Droese, Managing Partner

At WHVP since 2018

I am drawn to wealth management because it represents the culmination of a lifelong interest in financial management and investing. Since I was young, I have been refining my skills in managing and allocating finances through various ventures. For close to two decades, I have been actively involved in the stock market, enjoying the challenges and opportunities it offers. What truly motivates me in this field is the opportunity to form personal connections with clients, helping them achieve their financial objectives. Each client has a unique background and set of circumstances, which has enriched my understanding of different financial landscapes. I strongly believe that those who have worked hard to accumulate wealth deserve expert guidance to ensure its transformation into lasting prosperity. In wealth management, I view my role not just as a profession, but as a calling to empower others on their journey to financial security and legacy creation.

Jess Roberson, Jr. Relationship Manager

At WHVP since 2021

In my early twenties, I dedicated myself to working with an international NGO in various global communities. During this time, I identified two critical areas that could significantly enhance the lives of individuals and communities as a whole: the provision of health and hygiene services, and the teaching of financial principles to build generational wealth. While initially pursuing an educational path in healthcare, I took elective courses in finance and economics to deepen my understanding. These subjects not only captivated my interest but also led me to contemplate their potential impact on the communities and individuals I had worked with. I envisioned a future where these principles could empower them to create better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. Subsequently, I made the decision to change my major to finance, delving into the intricacies of wealth management, and discovered my true passion. In wealth management, establishing a strong connection with the client is paramount. This connection enables the development of a relationship that allows for the tailored management of their wealth, aligning it with their unique situation and desired outcomes.

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