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Why we enjoy working with Americans Thumbnail

Why we enjoy working with Americans

In this blog post, we'll be discussing the unique experience and satisfaction that comes from working with US clients in wealth management. As an international firm, we have had the privilege of serving a diverse range of clients from various countries and backgrounds. However, there is something distinct about working with clients from the United States. We'll explore the reasons behind this, from the unique financial landscape in the US to the cultural aspects that shape our relationships with our American clients. Through our insights and experiences, we hope to shed light on the rewarding nature of this aspect of our work and the value it brings to both our clients and our team.

Julia Fernandez, Managing Partner

With WHVP since 2002

When I began my journey at WHVP in 2002, I was uncertain about what to anticipate. Although I was acquainted with Wealth Management, my familiarity with Americans was limited to interactions during my travels in the US. Over the past two decades, however, I've developed a deep appreciation for working with Americans. I've come to value their candid and straightforward communication style, their receptiveness to novel concepts, and their remarkable ability to establish trust rapidly, even with individuals they've never met face-to-face. This level of trust-building is a phenomenon not commonly observed in Europe.

Jamie Vrijhof-Droese, Managing Partner

With WHVP since 2017

My motivation for working with Americans is deeply rooted in the enriching experiences and perspectives it offers. As someone who values diversity and cross-cultural understanding, I find it fascinating to immerse myself in the culture and political systems of another country. Learning about the fears and hopes of a nation different from my own broadens my perspective and enriches my understanding of the world.

On a more practical level, I appreciate the straightforwardness, open-mindedness, and directness that many Americans bring to the table when it comes to business. This transparency and clarity make collaboration and communication smoother, allowing for more effective problem-solving and decision-making.

Moreover, I feel incredibly fortunate that my job allows me to travel extensively throughout the US. Each region has its unique culture, history, and challenges, and being able to experience this firsthand is invaluable. It not only helps me better understand the needs and concerns of my American clients but also fosters a deeper connection and appreciation for the country as a whole.

Urs Vrijhof-Droese, Managing Partner

With WHVP since 2018

I hold a deep appreciation for working with Americans, a choice rooted in the harmonious relationship between our cultures despite the geographical distance. From my Swiss perspective, bridging this gap has been remarkably seamless, perhaps because both our cultures value ambition and the pursuit of dreams. America's reputation as the land of opportunity, the embodiment of the American Dream, resonates profoundly with me. Through my work with American clients, I encounter a diverse spectrum of this dream, each story unique and inspiring. Many Americans, driven by their indomitable spirit and success, seek guidance in expanding their horizons, incorporating international perspectives into their wealth planning and structuring. Facilitating this process of broadening their financial landscape is both rewarding and fulfilling. Despite challenges posed by regulatory changes, I firmly believe in the importance of Americans accessing global opportunities and expertise to safeguard and grow their wealth. Every interaction reinforces my conviction that providing Americans with the freedom to capitalize on overseas investments is not just a service but a fundamental right in their pursuit of financial security and prosperity.

Jess Roberson, Jr. Relationship Manager

With WHVP since 2021

As an American, I pursued my studies through a U.S. university, reveling in the experience and knowledge I gained. While the concept of diversification was a key part of the curriculum, the focus was predominantly on sector diversification. Any mention of holding a globally diversified portfolio was often in the context of an ETF or fund tracking foreign companies yet denominated in U.S. dollars, thus exhibiting a bias toward the U.S. system and currency. The principles taught were centered around the U.S. financial and wealth management system, solely focusing on U.S. markets listed in U.S. dollars. Upon further reflection, I realized that when foreign banking was discussed, the emphasis was on the scandals of a few bad actors, disregarding the multitude of law-abiding participants in offshore banking and investing. This created a perception that banking and investing outside the U.S. market were somehow dubious or associated with unsavory characters. While this didn't initially strike me as significant, it was a turning point when I was living in Switzerland and connected with Jamie and Urs. Our conversations illuminated the potential benefits of proper international diversification for Americans' portfolios and the opportunities available to those willing to move assets offshore.

This realization fueled my desire to share this possibility with others, particularly Americans in the right situation who could access and benefit from it. When Jamie and Urs offered me a chance to join their team, I eagerly accepted. I've witnessed firsthand the significant value Americans place on making smart moves to preserve their hard-earned wealth and those who leverage the existing channels available to them.

The entrepreneurial spirit in the U.S. is palpable, and working with our clients is an inspiring way to witness how many have bet on themselves and created bright futures for their families, each path being unique. As an American myself, I am encouraged by the vivacious tenacity and drive of so many incredible people and the results of their life tapestry. I am honored to be a part of their journey toward achieving their goals and preserving the legacies they have built.

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