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Geographical Investment Diversification with Jamie Vrijhof Droese Thumbnail

Geographical Investment Diversification with Jamie Vrijhof Droese

One of our Managing Partners, Jamie Vrijhof-Droese, was a guest on Angelina Carleton's podcast this week where she articulates why non-Swiss investors, such as Americans, bring a part of their wealth and portfolio to our company as well as her thoughts about gold and crypto-currencies. She also overcomes various myths around offshore investing.

Jamie explains what a new client can expect when they open an account as well as what private banking means specifically in Switzerland. As the second generation to her family’s business, she shares a few success stories about the benefits of geographical diversification.

As the world changes, more women are inheriting as well as coming into wealth. They have different and new priorities based on their values. In this new role, she shares the importance of educating her clients through personalized and proactive communications.