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Combining Investments, Industry News and a Swiss Perspective

Resources and Insights

Can Customers Still Trust the Swiss Banking System?  Thumbnail

Can Customers Still Trust the Swiss Banking System?

Ted Baumann, International Living’s Global Diversification Expert, and Jamie Vrijhof-Droese discuss the recent situation with the Credit Suisse bank, the effectiveness of the Swiss Financial sector management and regulatory structures, and if customers of the Swiss banking system can still have trust in the sector. If you’re interested in a safe nest egg outside the U.S. or even just exploring your options, you’ll want to hear what Jamie and Ted have to say.

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The Receding Dependence on the U.S. Dollar Thumbnail

The Receding Dependence on the U.S. Dollar

The dominance of the USD in the global economy gives the USA a huge amount of power should another country go against the will of the U.S. or attack an ally of the country. Because of this, whether good or bad, it has caused some countries to view the dominance of the U.S. dollar as a threat to their sovereignty and independence. In this blog, we will look at some of the international movements away from the USD and how they may affect the dollar's value in the long term. Finally, it will conclude with what Americans can do to begin protecting their wealth's value in the face of a depreciating dollar.

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What You Need to Know About Swiss Banks with Jamie Vrijhof-Droese and Blake Harris  Thumbnail

What You Need to Know About Swiss Banks with Jamie Vrijhof-Droese and Blake Harris

WHVP's CEO Jamie Vrijhof-Droese sits down with renowned Asset Protection Attorney Blake Harris to discuss what Americans need to know about Swiss Banks and how they can access them through a Swiss independent asset manager. The interview is one that can help Americans start their due diligence in wading into the water of international diversification and capital preservation.

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True Portfolio Diversification for Americans  Thumbnail

True Portfolio Diversification for Americans

Diversification is a topic that often comes up when investing. However, for Americans attaining true portfolio diversification can take time and effort. However, some good options are available to Americans when looking to invest outside of the U.S. investment market, dollar, and economy. This blog will cover the challenges Americans face in building a truly diversified portfolio and what they can do to overcome them.

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Miller on the Money: The Global Outlook for 2023 Thumbnail

Miller on the Money: The Global Outlook for 2023

January is the time to look ahead to the year. Sadly, way too much depends on the Federal Reserve and world central banks. Michael Howell writes: “It has been a bleak year for many investors. Global investors have lost $23tn of wealth…so far in 2022. …. That is equivalent to 22 percent of global gross domestic product” When bureaucrats create money out of thin air, they create a mess. Alasdair Macleod tells us: “Monetary policymakers face an acute dilemma: do they prioritize inflation of prices by raising interest rates, or do they lean towards yet more monetary stimulation to ensure that financial markets stabilize, their economies do not suffer a recession, and government finances are not driven into crisis? …. The inconvenient truth is that policies of monetary stimulation invariably end with the impoverishment of everyone.”

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Moving Offshore: A Strategic Decision For Americans Thumbnail

Moving Offshore: A Strategic Decision For Americans

Thinking about moving investments offshore is a big decision. It takes time and effort to conduct the due diligence needed to find the right partner and set up an offshore investment account. However, the strategic move can offer many positive qualities to an investment portfolio. So, is it worth making a move for the opportunities, risk mitigation, time, and effort to gain the benefits of capital preservation, risk mitigation, asset protection, and true diversification?

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Job Cuts, Recession, and The Market Thumbnail

Job Cuts, Recession, and The Market

An impending recession, markets are continuing to fall, and the steady stream of news that companies are making job cuts. The news continues to look bleak, and with the recent stream of news, the economy and markets continue in the cycle of squeezing those participating in them. But there is hope for people looking to learn about what the job cuts can mean for the economy, investment market, and their portfolio, and steps they can take in protecting their wealth.

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Private Banking Paradise: Switzerland or Liechtenstein?  Thumbnail

Private Banking Paradise: Switzerland or Liechtenstein?

One of the questions we get asked by prospective clients seeking offshore investment diversification through us as an independent asset management firm is: "How do you determine which custodian banks to work with?" The answer to this question is quite complex, so we will use this blog to give insight into how we determine where to begin our search for top-level private banks. We will briefly cover why we find Switzerland and Liechtenstein to be premiere economic environments for finding the right custodian bank for our clients.

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Investing During Grim Economic Times Thumbnail

Investing During Grim Economic Times

With a recession looming over the U.S. economy and high market volatility, investors can be left scratching their heads on how to proceed with their investment activities. Moreover, once the recession does hit the U.S., more fear could seize the markets. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what can be done when planning to invest during a recession. The blog post will cover how U.S. Investors can act in times of economic turmoil and find the right partners to help them find the right opportunities and manage their emotions.

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Understanding the S&P 500 as a Benchmark for an Offshore Portfolio Thumbnail

Understanding the S&P 500 as a Benchmark for an Offshore Portfolio

Since the S&P 500 represents a large portion of the value of the U.S. equity market, it may be worth understanding for Americans with offshore investments. The index's performance gives a good representation of the state of the U.S. market, but it does not fully represent it. Further, it does not represent the other markets around the world. Therefore, we will also endeavor with this blog to describe how Americans can utilize Swiss investment advisors to diversify out of the U.S. market.

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Financial Market Basics Thumbnail

Financial Market Basics

This article is designed to help you understand the basics of investing by breaking down the four types of financial markets. It will allow you to learn about the basics and start your journey to increasing your financial competency. Expanding your knowledge of the various markets where investors can build investment portfolios is vital.

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Webinar: Building an Inflation-Resistant Portfolio Thumbnail

Webinar: Building an Inflation-Resistant Portfolio

In this webinar, you will learn how to utilize the Swiss economy, financial services, and registered investment advisors to bring stability to your existing or new investment portfolio. The presentation will cover the reasons for today's inflationary environment, how and why the Swiss economy differs from the United States, and how Americans can access the Swiss markets. In addition, it will be a chance to learn more about Switzerland's economic facts and figures and the relevant details that pertain to holding an offshore account in its jurisdiction.

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Safeguarding Your Future Through An Offshore Self-Directed IRA (Simon Letter Issue August) Thumbnail

Safeguarding Your Future Through An Offshore Self-Directed IRA (Simon Letter Issue August)

For the August issue of the Simon Letter, our Managing Partner Jamie Vrijhof-Droese wrote a piece on how to move an individual retirement account offshore. The article will show Americans that it is possible to move their retirement assets offshore to benefit from international diversification and an enhanced level of privacy and asset protection. This way, your retirement assets can access global markets and various international opportunities.

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The Benefits of Swiss Asset Management for Americans  Thumbnail

The Benefits of Swiss Asset Management for Americans

By the end of this blog, you will know in greater detail the challenges and benefits of establishing a Swiss bank account with an asset manager. Transparency is key when establishing a business relationship, because of this, it is our intention to paint a realistic picture for North Americans of the setup, process, and present and future benefits there are of having an offshore bank account with a Swiss asset manager.

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The Swiss View: What’s up? Interest Rates are. Thumbnail

The Swiss View: What’s up? Interest Rates are.

Managing the markets has not been easy in the last two and a half years. Who would have thought that after a global lockdown markets would immediately start a new rally bringing them to all time highs? It was clear to us that this rally could not be sustainable. When the markets started to tumble this year, many financial advisors started shouting that now is the time to “buy the dip”. If you had followed their strategy, it would not have ended well so far.

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 Working with an Offshore Registered Investment Advisor Thumbnail

Working with an Offshore Registered Investment Advisor

When selecting a financial advisor there are many options an individual can choose from, whether they be an asset management branch of a bank, a private investor, a family office, or an independent investment advisor both domestic or offshore. Since we are based offshore we have already written extensively on why one might choose an offshore jurisdiction for financial services (Switzerland: Safe Haven during Crisis) and also how to choose a financial advisor (How to choose an External Asset Manager for U.S. Citizens). Both of those topics are important and worth spending some time thinking about. However, today we want to delve into what the benefits are of working with an independent registered investment advisor versus being served by the asset management branch of a larger bank.

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The Swiss View: The Inconsistent Strength of the USD Thumbnail

The Swiss View: The Inconsistent Strength of the USD

This year, making the right investment decisions has been quite challenging. Markets are down double digits year-to-date. The game was therefore not about gaining the most but about losing less than everybody else. Investors are unsure about how to position their portfolios. While some say that this is the beginning of a bear market, others state that the current weakness in the markets is a buying opportunity. We believe that the current downward movement will not be reversed until there is a mutual effort to change something about the current situation. Accordingly, from our perspective counter-movements represent opportunities to get out at a better price instead of giving confidence that the markets go up further. However, there are always exceptions where it makes sense to stay invested or even take in new investments.

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Asset Allocation Thumbnail

Asset Allocation

This article will help your clients and prospects understand the basics of asset allocation, and how their portfolio balances risk and potential returns. Each asset class has its own set of risks and rewards, depending on your time horizon, risk tolerance, and financial goals. The asset allocation strategy you select will allow you and your financial advisor to create a framework that will be able to manage the level of risk your portfolio will hold based on the asset class. You and your financial advisor may make adjustments to your portfolio over the years as your needs change, however, having a selected strategy will help to keep the portfolio balanced and not stray from a healthy level of risk.

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Risk Management: Understanding Diversification Thumbnail

Risk Management: Understanding Diversification

When you created your investment strategy, your asset allocation reflected your goals, time horizon and tolerance for risk. Over time, however, any of these three factors may have changed, and your portfolio may need adjustments to reflect your new investing priorities. Understanding diversification is the first step in building a strong portfolio. Are you ready to weather the storm?

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